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taking texas to court for trying to suppress the vote but something sneaky just turned up in the fed's key piece of evidence. was there a secret political motive involved? >> and these buildings were supposed to save the environment but at what cost? turns out they are killing animals instead. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. >> 16 minutes after the top of the hour. new controversy surrounding the department of justice's battle with texas. it has to do with the voter i.d. law there. >> house republicans claim the d.o.j. has turned to a highly partisan liberal research firm called catalyst to help block the law there with the d.o.j. argues discriminates against hispanics. joining us now is texas congressman ted poe, member of the house judiciary committee. good to see you, sir. congressman, tell us what the problem is with the particular firm the department of justice hired. >> the department of justice is, with
. meantime, eric holder, the attorney general of this nation was in texas yesterday. keep in mind the department of justice is trying to make sure that texas does not -- they're not allowed to continue with this voter i.d. law where people actually have to show i.d. to go vote. well, here's another hypocritical situation because to get into this event, you had to show i.d. so which one is it? let's present government issued photo i.d.'s such as a valid driver's license. >> to get into this naacp event and he went on. it was inflammatory language. he was comparing the texas voter i.d. law down there to those southern taxs that would charge southern blacks going to the polls and keep them from actually voting so likening t current voter i.d. law situation down there to southern poll taxes. >> so you don't need a photo i.d. to vote, he feels, but you do need to see eric holder at the naacp. >> well, coming up on the show -- first, we'll go to this because we teased this at the beginning of the show, the unsolved murder of a juilliard student eight years ago taking an incredible turn
. >> gretchen: it is only july 16th. in the meantime a couple of headlines for us. in houston texas, tragedy struck soccer players. the tree struck by lightning killing two of the men and third to the hospital. >> i heard what sounded like a bomb went off. lightning strike hit the tree and dispersed and went on the ground. >> lightning hit the tree and the men flew. >> gretchen: man who kidnapped two kidnapped tourist in egypt to at a back or heel kill the hostages. it is a pastor and both were from boston. the minister is a diabetic. >> we are still in good spirits and praying for him. >> there is no word for it. i can't believe this. this is a man of god. >> gretchen: their captor is using the hostages to get an uncle freed from prison. he is threatening to take more hostages. security breach in london row -- heth row airport. airport staffers allowed several people in the country even though their names appear on a terror watch list. the the olympic committee did not hire enough guard. nba superstar jason kidd arrested for drunk driving . he just signed with the new york knicks. he was ca
where he declared that texas would be a swing state. that was a jaw dropping. he did his best to clarify what he had said a couple of days earlier. let's see if you think he accomplishes that task. >> the history of how he built the country was everyone having a chance to pursue their dreams and together building an opportunity that made us the envy of the world and so i don't believe that we should try once again something that didn't work. but we need to keep pursuing a strategy that said let's make the investments in the american people that will help us grow but also create ladders of opportunity for everybody. >> steve: we are all in this together was it is tune. and don't dwell on the gloomy numbers that are out there. better times and brighter days are around the corner. stick with me. >> gretchen: if i was a obama surrogate like corey booker and others i wouldn't want to go on to say we agree. we had the mayor of tampa who happened to get the question and he didn't agree with it. so if you have a mayor in the town in florida who doesn't agree with it. you have to wonder about the
a dozen other states including the state of texas is saying we may not be expanding this. we may not be setting up health care exchanges in our state. and the effect would be effectively to put all of these dollars on the federal government, make obamacare a lot more expensive than it was originally predicted to be and there's also the issue of what happens to these people, say, in florida, for example, there's another 900,000 people who may be eligible for medicaid under obamacare rules. how are they going to be covered going forward? the democrats and the white house are counting on a state hospital organizations to lobby these republicans governors to say no, you really need to do it. we'll see who blinks first on this. >> the issue is all politics are local, right? you have local politicians in these areas saying it's going to crush our local budgets. if you're going to be running and up for re-election this time around, it's not very favorable especially if your budget is under crunch you have to actually talk about the obamacare law and what it's going to do to your local c
begins today in federal court. attorney general eric holder trying to block texas from requiring voters to have a valid state issued i.d., photo i.d. when they go to vote. supporters say it's a simple way to make eligible voters actually vote. holder says, however, it's unfair to hispanic voters but his claim comes from a research of a liberal agency that makes it highly questionable. holder fighting florida's efforts to remove ineligible voters from voter lists in that state. this is a sad story this morning. friend of our show, hollywood legend and tv and film icon earnest borgnine has died. >> what am i, crazy or something? i got something good here! what am i hanging around with your guys for snoo auto borgnine began acting after a 10-year career in the november in 1955. he won an oscar for playing the love sick butcher marte. he took on his most recognized character in mchale's navy. it was just four years ago when he made -->> uh-oh. >> what clip are you showing? >> i hope it's a good one. >> when he made this visit to "fox & friends." >> you made 198 films? >> 199, i just fini
thunderstorms developing in portions of new england. midatlantic dry. and in portion of west texas where they need the rain. here is the current readings as you head out of doors on this tuesday. we have a lot of 60s and 70s already. according to the thermometer in the street from us. it is 81 degrees in midtown manhattan. and let's take a look at high temperatures for later on today. they are going to be high. 101 in kansas city and approaching the century mark in texas and phoenix and here in new york city officials are ninety-five. and heat indrex north of hundred and same thing for washington dc and portions of the ohio valley. it is it a hot day. and so go on out there now gretch. it is pleasant. >> one of the few days that being chilly and the studios is a good thing. >> gretchin:, steve a super save. a new york girl alive and well thanks to a neighbor's watch up eye. she fell from a three story window in a good samarit an's arm . good morning to you, kerry. >> this video is unbelievable. you can see a little 7 year old girl jumping from the third story of the apartment build survi
information to you. other headlines for you today. a horrific crash in texas leaving 11 people dead including two children. 23 people were crammed, 23 people, inside this ford f-250 truck when the driver lost control slamming into two trees. it happened just 100 miles southeast of san antonio. 12 of the passengers did make it out alive. some are in critical condition. the weather was dry at the time of the crash. there was no evidence of alcohol at the scene and no other cars involved in the accident. now to a developing story out of iraq. today is the deadliest day the country has seen since u.s. troops pulled out in december. a string of shootings and car bombings leaving at least 89 people dead. in one attack, carloads of gunmen opened fire on a military base killing 16 iraqi soldiers. the attacks believed to be coordinated. yesterday,heeader of al-qaida in iraq warned they are regrouping in areas american troops patrol. jury selection set to begin in the drew peterson trial. the former illinois police sergeant faces life behind bars that he drowned his third wife. also the main suspect in
? >> police say hemsley was discovered by his nurse in el paso, texas. no foul play is suspected there. exact cause of death still unknown. he first played jefferson on "all in the family" before his character was spun off into "the jeffersons". that sitcom ran for 11 seasons from 1975 to 1985. he was 74. >> that was an unbelievable show. >> he was originally archie bunker's next door neighbor. >> they say we could never have an "all in the family" today. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday. we were back to business as usual as both governor romney as well as president obama went at it in their campaign mode for mitt romney, he had to go to a place the president was the day before. that's to address the vfw at which time he brought senator feinstein and senator feinstein made some headlines. you know she's chairwoman of the intelligence committee and she's been investigating along with many others into the leaks that have evidently come from the white house. everything from the -- >> yeah. everything from the kill list to everything appearing in that -- in that book that came out abo
, texas where one of the stations is being closed. he's one of my guests. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> how does this directly affect you? >> well, it's a direct -- affects us tremendously due to the fact that we have i-40 that runs right through the panhandle that is really a corridor for any kind of trafficking from coast to coast and that runs right through our city and through our county. >> uh-huh. so these nine stations or locations of border stations that are closing, i want to show people the map. there are a lot of them in texas. you, of course, are right in that lubbock area that i mentioned and amarillo, dallas, san anglo, abilene, and if we can look at another map, billings, montana, riverside, california, so i guess the effort here by the administration is to move these agents to the southern or northern borders because they believe that's where they need the work the most. do you agree with that? >> well, and i don't want to take away from what they need to do on the borders by any means. that is critical. but take, for instance, our office there in
crash in texas that killed 14 people on sunday. police now trying to identify the victims, all suspected illegal immigrants and they say the men, women and children from mexico, honduras and guatemala were carrying toothbrushes and a change of clothes but no identification. federal immigration agents are looking into the human smuggling aspect of the case and the scene is less than an hour away from the site of the nation's most deadly immigrant smuggling case where 19 immigrants died in 2003 after being put in a sweltering trailer. for the fifth straight year, our nation's debt soaring by at least $1 trillion. new figures from the treasury showing our debt was nearly $16 trillion at the end of june. and in just a few hours, the congressional budget office will release the new 10-year costs of obamacare. one report will focus on costs after the supreme court ruling and the other looking at the cost of repealing it. earlier this year, the cbo estimated that obamacare would cost over $800 billion more than what president obama initially said it would cost. and an ohio town wants to make su
west texas up through the central plains and the great lake states as well. the heaviest stuff will be moving through the northeast. perhaps tornadoes tonight. so stand by. and the current temperatures as you head out the door right there, a lot of 70's and 80's across the east. some 50's, 60's and 70's out west and that's your travelcast. >> coming up, this comment has sparked outrage in the small business community. >> you've got a business? you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> well, next on the rundown, a small business owner who voted for president obama in 2008. wait until you hear what she has to say now. >> yeah. >> and -- >> remember this? spending your tax dollars to study a shrimp on a treadmill? there's the new report out now that senator tom coburn here next. >> and finally -- >> first, the question of the day. well hello, welcome to summer road trip, huh? uhuh yep uch let's find you a room. at, you'll always find the perfect hotel. because we only do hotels. wow. i like that. nice no. laugh... awe uch ooh, yeah hmm n
the international space station. an astronaut capturing flames and smoke from a wildfire near el paso, texas. steve? >> camera, very good camera. meanwhile, listen to this. a health warning to tell you about this morning for men who have had prostate surgery. alarming new research suggests that it doubles prostate surgery does, the risk for men needing a second follow-up surgery and in some cases, can also lead to more medical problems down the road. joining us right now to shed some light on this is fox news medical a team's dr. david sumadi and prostate surgery is something you've specialized in for a number of years. you're the right guy to use. this is an alarming statistic for a lot of people that if you prostate surgery in the past and it's a number of years before they did that study, you might need a follow-up surgery. >> this is based on a large population base coming from ontario, canada. this was done during the period of 1993 and 2006 so it really has nothing to do with what's going on in the last decade. i know the new invention with the technology and robotics. what they found was th
of keystone that will eventually begin the journey to texas. they have to do it in canada but they can't do it in this country. think about this. i think the president has a total pass on this for the last two or three months, didn't even bring this up. could you imagine what this could be doing if they're doing it through the country. >> if you're going to argue like, hey, we saved the auto industry and all of these jobs, we're talking about the equivalent of saving the so-called auto industry when, in essence what we did is bail out unions at general motors and chrysler, you know, so the bottom line is if you're going to brag about saving the auto industry but also say, i didn't want to do the keystone thing because environmentalists came before american workers, i find it a serious, you know, double standard. >> with a story like this that gates the headlines like this story will get, do you think there's a possibility that this decision will be reversed? this is election time and it's that tricky period before november when decisions are made and become very, very magnified. >> absolu
. >> yeah, i mean, you know, i'm not a touchy feely type of guy. i was raised in west texas. i'm a red neck by birth. and, you know, i'm not a metro sexual that wants to hear his deep feelings and why the color yellow makes him sad. >> right. you have to, regis, find somebody who doesn't have deep feelings, is that ok? >> as long as he's not too emotional, you know, it's fine if he has deep feelings and he shares them with me. but he can't be crying all the time because i just can't handle that either. >> right. if you're a patriots fan and your team loses to the giants in the super bowl, that's a time to weep. i understand. how about this? doug, i like this. if you're dumb enough to tell me a dirty joke, i'm comfortable enough with kicking your ass. that's -- that's important to know, right? >> yeah, i mean, they have to have some kind of sense of decorum, you know, they're trying to win my daughter's hand so they better play it nice and tight and squeaky clean. >> all right. i totally understand that. so overall, do you think america can learn from these 10 commandments, doug? >> i t
begin in the trial to determine whether or not texas controversial voter i.d. law violates the federal voting rights action. it requires voters to show valid i.d. at the polls. a sophisticated drug tunnel stretching more than two football fields uncovered between mexico and arizona. it has electricity, ventilation and six foot ceilings. >> gretchen: unbelievable. frightening research linked to a super bug to antibiotics in the chicken they eat. >> guest: and researchers have discovered drugs like caffeine and prozac in the meet we eat. we called in michael hanson. in reading this material it's amazing. i didn't realize the chicken you eat, pure corn and stuff, no, they eat a lot of coffee grounds to make them sleep less and eat more to get fast faster and in the coffee grounds they mix it with antibiotics, as well. >> yes. that study that you were referring to came from john hopkins. what was most frightening, two-thirds, they tested feather meal. it tells you what they are eating. two-thirds had fluro, it was banned for all chicken production yet in 2012 they found two-thirds tested p
in texas. thootthat's right one in new york city. people are relaxed and they can't protect themselves like in the movie. and i am just concerned that given our concerns about terrorism and all this is going to hurt the movie industry in the summer. help us to get in the minds of the masked gun men. when we see other shootings like columbine happen and we see the previous experiences that they had and some of the clues that something like this could have showed up. in your experience what is it from the personality type? >> one of the things that happen here, there are clues and who missed the clues? was high in a psychiatric help in was friends and relatives knowing he collected guns? there would be a lot of blame going around potentially as to who missed the issues that should have shown that he shouldn't have gotten the guns and he shouldn't have been able to walk around without some kind of superition -- supervision . >> steve: who knows whether or not this guy posted stuff on social media talking i am going to do. >> you are right. social media is very important to police in tracking a
that are affected. las vegas, florida, michigan, texas, california, arizona, it's crazy. but it happens and it's just the way these people deal with it and that's why i have the contempt that i have. >> peter: so it's stupid for them and it hurts people and hopefully they're watching you this morning 'cause they'll learn a lot. christopher from maryland writes in: my mother passed away. in the will she didn't leave the house to anyone. this happens more than we think. do we have rights to that house, even though she didn't leave it? >> certainly. assuming that they are the primary heirs, as you know, they need to go see the state attorney to look at this. by by chance is what's going to happen, is under the if you die without a will, you will be the heirs, you will be able to inherit. but it's most likely going to have to be probated because there wasn't a living trust nor was the asset handled. make sure if a will was done g to the lawyer that prepared it, if they're still practicing, otherwise go to an estate lawyer and they'll handle it. you should be able to inherit that house. >> peter:
appearance. also making the team from texas, mike napoli, beltre and pitchers matt harrison and jay nathan. short stop elvis andrews and second baseman even conditionsdid she ian kins ler. >> gretchen: my son is going to his first all-star game. >> brian: by himself? >> gretchen: with my husband. you'll is to hook up (fantastic. >> eric: guess what,s mascot won't be there. >> gretchen: a bunch of other ones. do alt mass scots come, by the way? >> eric: most teams don't have mascots. >> gretchen: wait. excuse me. >> eric: if they do, they get pushed. >> gretchen: no, no, no. there are at least 25 mascots out there. e-mail us if you're a mascot of a pro baseball team and let eric understand that there are mascots. >> brian: i gave you the itinerary for the mascots for the all-star break. let's talk about something really important. that's something's marriage. tom cruise and katy holmes. katy holmes' life was going great. she was on "dawson's creek" when she medicine tom cruise and now they have gone kaput. for more, let's go to my colleague, gretchen carlson. >> gretchen: i thought you were
turned out to see glenn beck during a rally at cowboys stadium in texas about love, faith and country. 62%, that's how many young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are still receiving financial help from their parents. that's according to a study by clark university. mr. kilmeade, over to you. >> brian: major cuts are looming they will impact our economy. under the plan, if congress fails to act by the end of the year, defense spending will be splashed by $500 billion over the next ten years. now, with so much at stake, many are wondering why isn't the president taking any action and what would this mean for our actual defense of the nation? joining us now, a man wondering the same thing, senator jim inhofe. first off, you cut $3,500,000,000,000 off, how does that leave us militarily? >> you stop and think about it, he's going through four budget cycles so far and each one has been a disarming of america. if you have taken the half trillion dollars off that he's already projecting now, that's without obama sequestration, then you add another half trillion dollars from that, even accord
. early, it's 6:38 eastern time on this day but things are going to warm up again across much of texas. it's going to be 100 today in dallas. almost 90 here in new york city. look at raleigh durham. they're going to clock in at about 4:00 with 97 degrees. be about 93 in hotlanta. that's your fox travelcast. >> brian, talk about sports. >> listen, football camps have started and thank you very much for that toss. tim tebow and mark sanchez both arriving in jets training camp in very good shape. they're in upstate new york. tebow thrilled that training camp is under way. >> this is like my first day of college. it's exciting. it's fun. i think it will be good. for our team to get away, for us to kind of be isolated and be around each other 24/7. i think that will bring us closer together. >> that's good. a lot of backup quarterbacks get this kind of attention. i don't see anything wrong with that. there's talk that tebow will have a role on special teams as well. rex ryan says sanchez is the starting quarterback. both in great shape. pirates rookie knocking one out of the park on the first
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)